Organization is a critical part of any… well… organization. It’s a challenge that gets more strenuous as the company grows and succeeds. Meeting that challenge can be a full-time job in itself. If left without proper procedure or standardized methods for handling documents, materials, or digital assets a company will eventually suffer. 

Disorganization costs time, money, space, and even morale. So, how can you tell if disorganization is driving your business down? Check out some of these signs we see before turning to GLC for customizable services and managed personnel for their business needs. 


You Lose Time Looking for Documents

Who has time to go looking for documents? Where are they? Who had them last? Were they ever scanned to the system? This sort of task seems like it should take minutes.  It does SEEM that way. In fact, one poll showed that 9% of surveyed business leaders named “general disorganization” as their biggest time waster. Being able to find the right materials takes detail-oriented planning and maintenance. It takes consistency. You earn back the time that goes into maintaining company documents, whether they be paper or digital, several times over when you give up the headache of checking that file cabinet drawer one more time for good luck. 


You’re Spending Money on Unnecessary Storage 

Storage unit? Warehouse? The office closet feels like it’s working until you have to find something in it. A lot of times, this kind of real estate is housing something that isn’t really benefiting your business. The more it holds, the harder it is to manage. The harder it is to manage, the more obsolete the items you are storing become, simply because you can’t find anything. You can get that space back. It’ll save you money and the frustration of searching one of those boxes in the back closet. 


There’s No Process for Incoming or Outgoing Papers

Mail can easily become clutter if it isn’t processed properly. The problem is, that’s a really easy way to lose track of some important business matters. Having a consistent and unified process for handling those papers is a game-changer. It’s even better knowing that you’ll never lose another twenty minutes in traffic over a paper you left at the office on a day you were working out-of-office. That’s a good feeling. 


You’re Overwhelmed By the Operations of Your Business

Managing people is hard. Caring for a company is hard. Understanding HR is hard. Facilitating good communication with a myriad of people on your team is hard. 

We know that. 

It’s all necessary to running a successful business, but it’s probably not the part of the business that gets you excited in the morning. Leaving elements like this unattended, or done without proper care and attention will show in the morale of your team. Smooth-running operations are the sign of a robust company, but oiling that machine is always easier planned on paper than done in reality. 


Most growing, thriving companies will struggle with a level of disorganization at some point. How you rise to that challenge will determine if it is an aspect that will drive business down, or be the stone that sharpens the future of your company. 

We have a history of helping businesses reach their goals of organizational success. We know where to start and how to set your business on the path to success. 

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