We're here for your business, even when you're off-site. 

When we first started offering business services thirty years ago the mailroom was one of the first places we focused to make sure professional offices were running smoothly, efficiently, and quickly. 

Some of the most trusted people on our team can still remember that first decade of mailroom work. We’ve come a long way since those early years. Our team has adjusted to technology changes, shifts in primary forms of communication, even a whole digital revolution for document imaging. We’ve seen it all, and we’re still here, happy to serve your business. 

Whether you’ve used our mailroom service before or not, you and your colleagues have probably taken advantage of some opportunity to work remotely either while traveling, working off-site, for health reasons, or simply out of convenience. 

If you’re working in a law firm or another data-heavy field there are certainly ways to communicate effectively while away from your desk. Yet, having the right process in place to ensure paperwork is done, files are printed, folders are assembled, and the necessary flow of communication executed in the process takes a lot more than an internet connection. We know the complexity of needing to organize documents for multiple cases and a multitude of people. AND we know that you are busy. It’s our expertise that takes that burden off your shoulders so you can go back to focusing your mental energy on the things that you wanted to do when you pictured your career. 

With our mailroom personnel in place, you’ll never wonder if the office is still operating at peak performance even with your colleagues all working in different locations. GLC has well-trained, eager staff members who fit the culture of your business. We work to ensure documents are properly scanned and filed, as well as bound, prepped, divided, and tabbed according to your specifications. Everything we do is quality controlled and handled according to its time sensitivity so that folders and documents are sent exactly where they need to go, in exactly the time they need to get there. 

GLC has senior leadership that understands the importance of having an agile team in your office. Our regional managers have nearly full autonomy to meet your needs without the hassle of higher-up approval. This ensures your day-to-day operations are running smoothly. So, whether you’re out-of-office or at a satellite office, all the tasks you need to delegate are no more than a single phone call away. 

The mailroom is a vital department in every legal facility. Having to manage people is a time-consuming and challenging part of any job. The GLC team is here to take those things off your plate while offering ultimate efficiency in its place. It’s what we do. 

So, whether it’s standard documents that need to be processed on a daily basis or you need to print 88 copies of 50 documents containing an average of 100 pages each, we’re here to see it through. Even if that means spending a week using a network of printers to process over 200,000 pages to meet the deadline, and even if that means your mail is sorted and easily accessible online. That’s our expertise. 

For the most efficient mailroom, simply consider it done.