If you’re holding an important, dare we say “historic”, document in your hand, what sort of worries run through your head? 

Will it be damaged? 

Will it get lost?

Will you have it when you need it? 

How will you send it to your colleague while she’s working in a different city? 


If you work in law, or another field where paperwork is both heavy and necessary you probably don’t need to stretch your imagination much. Paper is both a resource and a nuisance. If you’re working for an established firm you might even have whole storage facilities filled with once-essential documents from decades-old cases. 

So, years pass and you stop wondering what that storage costs you. 

Space. Storage cost. Peace of mind. Time looking for that one document that someone requested years after a case was closed which was misfiled by an intern who ended up changing professions. All these things which add up to a whole lot of paper, and valuable time, as you ask if there shouldn’t be an easier way to deal with this by now. 

You live in the twenty-first century. So, you know that there is an easier way. You just don’t know where to start. Plus, you’re busy. And that is a lot of boxes. 

Who has the time, energy, and a perfectly organized system to digitally categorize documents from the previous century? 


Paper to digital conversion is a service that GLC offers under our Document Production Services. The team we have managing this service is remarkable in their ability to set up the perfect digital system for your business. 

The first thing our team does on inspection is estimate the volume of paper documents to be converted. Then we determine the logistics of the best way to manage the digital conversion. As with all things, our team focuses on efficiency and quality of service. 

What would have been a massive headache to members of your firm, is second nature to us. With the proper structure in place, we’ve been able to navigate whole storerooms of boxes down to a hard drive. Our team is able to work with your institution to ensure that the end result is searchable, compact, and secure. 

Brittle files: We’ve got that covered. 

Oversized documents: We know what to do. 

Unsure what needs to be retained in paper? We know it all. 

Each year, more people work remotely or while traveling. Businesses that have the most fluid access to documents save time and are able to collaborate with less effort. Having documents accessible with a few taps of a keyboard just makes sense. 

Imagine the efficiency of having digital files accessible anywhere, with no contingencies on who needs to see them first. Imagine the space and cost saved from clearing out that storeroom. Now, imagine the relief of knowing that all that work is safe from the risk of fire, flood, and other natural damage. We know you’ve worried about that. That’s a burden GLC can erase from the back of your mind. 

If you’re already using GLC’s mailroom services, this digital categorization will work seamlessly with processes you already have in place to ensure speed and ease of access. If you’re new to GLC, the digital services will lay a sturdy foundation for current and future documents, which are more consistently digital, whether you have a process for it or not. 

We’re an established business too, so we know your concerns. We’re experienced in handling everything from the sensitivity of confidential papers, to health and safety concerns. Our team members are subject matter experts. So give them a call. They’ll be able to walk you through a customizable process that’s right for your business. 

Paper to digital conversion. 

One more thing you can consider done. 

Special thanks to Jose Lopez, who has dedicated years of experience to perfecting our digital conversion service and who offered his expertise to inform this blog post.