The holiday season is upon us, and with it comes the opportunity to express gratitude and strengthen professional relationships through thoughtful gifts, even in the workplace. Whether you're looking to show appreciation to clients who have supported your business or want to foster camaraderie among colleagues, the art of gifting is a powerful way to make a lasting impression. 

There are so many ways to show gratitude and appreciation, but with the end of the year comes much reflection, and many people of all backgrounds are celebrating throughout the month of December. There are creative and meaningful gift ideas to help you navigate the fine balance between professionalism and personalization, while sincerely expressing gratitude to the individual or team. 


Gift Baskets

Consider customizable gift baskets tailored to the preferences of your clients or colleagues. Include a mix of high-quality items such as sweets, snacks, and coffee or tea. Personalizing the basket based on their interests or dietary restrictions adds an extra touch of thoughtfulness. Baskets are easily shareable with a team if there are many people in an office that you’d like to share something special with. 

Simple Gadgets and Accessories

For the tech-savvy professionals in your network, consider practical accessories. Items like wireless charging pads, noise-canceling earbuds, or chargers not only enhance their work experience but also showcase your commitment to staying relevant and considerate. For clients, many little accessories can be customized to impress with the business name or logo added for some flair. 

The Gift of Time

We don’t usually hear people complaining about all the time they have on their hands! For businesses in a position to gift some PTO, it's a gift employees always appreciate. This could mean anything from an extra day off for top performers, to the option to leave an hour or two early the evening before a holiday. When it comes to productivity, sometimes the best motivation is showing people that you care. 

Gifting Food

There’s an existing tradition where “the boss” will give a ham or a turkey to their employees at Christmas. It doesn’t have to be so extravagant, but giving food as a gift is a practical option. From chocolate to cakes, pies, and even cheese there are endless options to choose from. Consumable gifts are enjoyed without the stress of added souvenirs to manage. Just be sure to check ahead if there are allergies or restrictions to watch out for. 


If gifts are an expression of appreciation for the people in your life, one very simple thing to do is to tell those people that you recognize their contribution to your business. Managers can take time to be specific on the best qualities they see in employees. One thing we do every winter is to name the GLC Gotta Love Champions award winners. This lets us honor the managers who are the key to success. Having the chance in the year to salute them is a gift that we hold very dear. 


The art of gifting in the corporate world may seem like a delicate topic, but in fact, there are many ways to approach it. By choosing gifts that are thoughtful and aligned with the values of your clients or colleagues, you not only express gratitude but also strengthen the foundation of your professional relationships. Remember, it's not just about the gift itself but the sentiment behind it that truly makes a lasting impression.

This holiday season, let your corporate gifts convey appreciation as well as the genuine care and consideration that sets your business apart. 

Happy gifting!


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