Gotta Love Champions
By John Hayes
One of the keys to GLC’s success has been our ability to find and develop outstanding site managers.  In our 26 years in business, it is an absolute that wherever we have a very satisfied client, you will find a gifted GLC site manager who skillfully manages their staff and our process to consistently deliver “Consider It Done” customer service.
Mike & I are very aware of the importance of our site managers and the contributions that they make to GLC.  We salute them and their staffs for their hard work and dedication.  It is this awareness that has caused us to revitalize the annual Gotta Love Champions Awards.
This award was instituted to recognize those managers who have gone above and beyond in our quest to exceed customer expectations. The criterion used in the selection process is as follows:
A GLC Champion is someone who:
-Consistently delivers the highest quality of work
-Has average year-to-date VAR score of 9+
-Exceptional customer feedback and minimal error ratio
-Has created (or encourages creation of) a process that becomes essential to site or is replicated at another
-Is diligent in the performance of their various administrative responsibilities
-Displays reliability & responsibility
-Site experiences year-over-year RFS increases
-Has received exceptional customer service feedback
-Is dedicated to the development of other GLC site personnel
-Has training logs and performance evaluations up to date
-Set goals and holds self/site accountable for results
-Celebrates Accomplishments
-Leads by example
-Demonstrates a positive attitude and understanding of customer service
-Demonstrates highest standards of appearance
-Has great attendance record and participation in OT projects
GLC’s appreciation for the managers selected for this award will be recognized in a presentation of the Gotta Love Champions Award as part of their regional Holiday party.