If you’re finding it difficult to focus during those weeks between Thanksgiving and New Year’s you’re not alone. Between packed personal schedules, coworkers taking time off, and all the twinkling lights it’s easy to get distracted. 

Fourth-quarter reports are wrapping up between November and December. Goals are already being set for the following year. Add in the comfort of cookies that make their way into break rooms, familiar music, and the fact that in many U.S. cities the sun has already set by 5:00pm. All of these things can contribute to a contented, dare we say sleepy, office. 

As much as we enjoy the cheer at the end of a successful year, productivity is always top of mind at GLC. We want all of our employees, customers, and their families to enjoy the time they have to celebrate all of their traditions. Part of that means doing our job to keep things running smoothly, just as we do the whole year-round. 


So, how can you stay productive in the bustle of counting down the weeks until “happy new year?” Here are five tips for keeping your well-oiled machine running, even with a steaming mug of hot cider in your hand. 


5 Ways to Stay Productive During the Holidays


  1. Touch base with your team 


Your co-workers are called your “team” for a reason. When everyone does their part on a team everything functions seamlessly. Since many people look to take time off of work in the last months of the year it’s important to communicate schedules. Know what your team expects of you and let others know what you need from them in order to keep working at your peak level.

With proper planning and communication, you should be able to trust that your team will keep things balanced while you are away, and you’ll be confident in managing your own workload, even with an extra office desk, or chatbox, left empty. 


  1. Use your down-time

As we conclude end-of-year statistics and reports, it’s easy to let December slip away and call it a wash. However, with so many people preoccupied with personal traditions, time is valuable around the holidays. So, do what you can to leave your work at work. Use any slumps in your workday as a challenge to crush your professional goals and boost productivity. So, instead of hitting a mental snooze by watching your inbox after lunch, use that time to cross something off your checklist. 


  1. Have a checklist

Speaking of which… Do you have a checklist? Like, an actual list you can cross things off of? Visualizing priorities is a game-changer. You can set one for yourself, but you can also use this as a tool to make sure your whole office is having needs met through the holidays. Prioritize everything from your office holiday party to ensuring someone is watching the info@ email address while Betty from customer relations is visiting family out of town. Crossing things off the list is so satisfying and will ensure no balls are dropped and all the decorations are hung. 


  1. Use the schedule to your advantage

Don’t assume that you’ll be able to schedule things later. If there is a project you need to complete, put time on the calendar to work on it. People you need to meet with before January? Contact them and set up a time to chat. Workflows to put in place to ensure a smooth start to next quarter? Inform your team, and make sure people are on the same page.

It’s easier to work around a schedule when you know what it is going to be. Don’t put off scheduling things you can anticipate. This will also help you focus on what needs to be completed right away, and what might be more efficient to complete after some federal holidays have passed. 


  1. Enjoy your holidays! 

One of the main benefits of being diligent and productive is that you’ll be able to step away from your desk knowing that the necessary work is done, or delegated. Enjoy time with family, friends, or pets! Offering your mind some much-needed rest, and allowing yourself to focus on personal priorities will help you to come back refreshed. Unplug, unwind, grab your beverage of choice, and soak in all the beauty of the holidays! 

We know the end of the year comes with its challenges and stresses, but there is also a lot to enjoy. With focus, planning, and collaboration we know that we can keep personal and professional lives in balance well into January. 


Which holidays do you celebrate? Any favorite traditions at the end of the year? Do you find it easy to stay productive at the end of the year or is it a challenge to stay on track? We always love hearing about the many ways people balance work and personal priorities.