INSIGHT: How DLA Piper Moved to Remote Work in 36 Hours

The article published at is very complimentary of the workflow software routing work "between teams, across offices and to virtual resources, ensuring that no request is ‘lost in email.’"
Bob Bratt COO of DLA Piper credits the following for their success:
  • Team-  A cohesive team of skilled people with a wide range of skills
  • IT Readiness-  Recently overhauled cloud based infrastructure
  • Business Resilience- Regular reviews of continuity and contingency plans
  • Office Mobility- Software tools for workflow routing and leveraging centralized services

More regarding the Office Mobility- workflow routing tool here via BigHand Now.  

Remote work is here to stay.  Building a structurally efficient model that utilizes tools to reduce Lean Six Sigma (LSS) defined waste will help drive the next steps in effectiveness, and returns on investments.  
The future belongs to the productive!