The Importance of Employee Onboarding: Suggestions from James Silliman, Cofounder of Keystone Medical Group

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Employee onboarding is a critical step in the success of your team members, which ultimately impacts the success of your organization. Unfortunately, too many organizations fail to recognize this.

There is plenty of research out there that shows that a good onboarding experience will impact employee retention, but it affects so many other areas as well. While we’ve looked at plenty of statistics about onboarding, we thought it might help to talk to an expert.

James Silliman is the cofounder of Keystone Medical Group. In our brief chat, he made some excellent points about the onboarding process that we think are worth sharing. He feels strongly that a good onboarding process is essential to cultivating a healthy work environment (we agree 100%). He also gave us some insight into his own personal philosophy on onboarding. Needless to say, we learned a lot from this conversation, and we think there’s some valuable information here.

You can read the full interview here.