I am excited to pass on the following information regarding ARMA’s new “Preferred Solutions Provider” program and “Information Specialist-- INFO” designation for individuals.
For over twenty years GLC has been intimately involved with records and document management. Our heavy concentration of clients in the business of law has given us insight into the importance of information, and content. We’ve been blessed with great employees that understand the principles behind Information Governance, Strategy and Management. 
Although the program does not officially start until 2020; we believe those seeking to create an Information Governance career track see eye-to-eye with GLC and the importance we place on customer care while holding the highest standards of professional compliance. Linked below are an overview of ARMA’s “Preferred Solutions Provider” program and the foundation document for their “Information Specialist-- INFO” designation for individuals.
GLC is in full support of these efforts, and is eager to participate.
Please download read and discuss the link and reach out to your GLC contacts as we pursue the next steps in making this plan a reality.
Mike Hayes
CEO- GLC Business Services