It’s hard to believe that GLC Business Services is in our 30th year of operation, and we’re reflecting a lot on the changes that have brought us to the place we are today. 

Some of our most trusted experts and advisors will remember the anniversary, and some of the people serving on our leadership team today were seeking entry-level jobs at that point. Many of our current employees were still in school, and some weren’t even born yet! 

We’re proud to still have headquarters in our home city of Rochester, NY, and humbled to see how our operations have expanded across the United States. Our personnel has been serving in law offices and professional firms from coast to coast filling roles in the mailroom, reception and hospitality, imaging, document production, and even HR support and AV setup. 

Our services have expanded with the talent that we’ve welcomed into the company. We’ve also advanced with innovations in technology and our consistent effort to provide our clients with cutting-edge service. We’re always aiming to advance efficiency and productivity for our partners while improving their profits and mitigating their risk. Our employees are our constant representatives for the GLC name and brand, and they are a credit to those who founded the business. 

While GLC has grown and expanded over the years, the business was and remains family-owned. This has been a meaningful aspect of our business especially as new technology has removed some of the personality from our personal relationships. 

In today’s world, there is so much that places our identity in our work. At GLC, we know that dedication to work is often motivated by so much more. At the time GLC was being established our founders knew that success would help support their families, but that they needed family support as well. 

We can’t help but appreciate the people who have supported those growing careers at GLC. We know that behind each hard-working employee is a support system. We also know that while on the job many people are spending time away from their children, or even their grandchildren. We’re honored to be a company that they dedicate energy to, and we hope we offer back to them the support and recognition that they bring to work on a daily basis. 

By remaining a family-owned business we not only recognize the value of time spent at work, but we know that our policies and practices will affect families as well, oftentimes even our own. For instance, supporting parents as they take parental leave, or implementing a good Employee Assistance Program

With the perspective of seeing our work team as a support system for families, we add meaning to all we do. When we recognize the individual we know that there is a whole system behind them and a professional team alongside them. It’s hard not to add special care and attention to our work when we can picture the many people who benefit from knowing that their work is valuable, extending beyond the walls of the office and into the homes of those around us.

We know that part of the value of success is having an extra bit of calm in your day and sharing that peace with those around you. As we dedicate work in those many offices in cities around the country, we hope we can bring a little bit of that feeling when you trust us with your business processes and can simply consider it done. 

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