There was an article published May 30, 1993 in the New York Times titled “The Paperless Office Looms on the Horizon”.

That article touted that the paperless office may indeed be nearer.  Now move to 2019 and we are still discussing going paperless with some using the term paper light. 

More courts are allowing or moving to digital documents and the technology to manage and deliver those digitized documents has improved.  What we know in Law Firms is the transition will be met with resistance from some of the more established lawyers, secretaries, paralegals and administrators.  Having a strategic plan to include hardware and software that will in the long run allow your practice to be more mobile, flexible and cost effective.  We at GLC can help with this strategic plan.  We have 26 years of experience in the legal market and the subject matter experts to sit down with you and guide you through the process.

Mark Starnes, MBA
GLC Regional Director