COVID-19 Implications for Business

We are living in a new world; one that for some was only seen in movies or read about in Pandemic fiction.  There is a plethora of information available regarding COVID-19, which can be overwhelming if you try to sift through everything.  McKinsey put together an excellent brief that focuses on the situation now, how the situation may evolve, and actions people and organizations can take as our country starts shifting to a gradual reopening of businesses. 
To their point; an effective return depends on your region having adequate readiness from a public health standpoint.
Estimating return demand of the workforce
  • Regional access to testing  
  • Protocols for social distancing
  • Individual/Organization access to PPE
  • Additional demographic Factors
As we leave our homes, and head back to our brick and mortar offices we must ensure we as individuals are not careless. We must continue to "mask up," practice social distancing, keep our immediate work areas disinfected and follow published best practice protocols. 
In coordination with our customers, GLC Business Services enacted protocols for essential employees very quickly. In many cases our clients took our lead in regard to those protocols.  In the coming weeks we must focus on the depths of disruption and prepare for higher volumes of interaction as regions resume business operations.