In all the years that I have worked in the outsourcing business I held a belief that hard work would reap success. This is a family upbringing instilment from my parents and a personal Baby Boomer bias. As a manager of Boomer age, I held this mindset as how I should manage myself and employee team.

This has changed in time as I became aware of subtle and not so subtle differences in people I interviewed for position in the company. I came to realize that I need a broader spectacle vision to appreciate the generation differences of Baby Boomer, Generation X, Generation Y / Millennials and Generation Z. As I work with this diversity of generations comes the realization that I need to learn more of the attributes, interests and priorities of the generation differences.

To this end I GOOGLED “Generation Differences in the Workplace”. The search result that caught my eye was “Essential Tips for Managing Generational Differences in the Workplace”. This article is published by A Blog about Leadership & Management. This information helped me understand that managing across generations is about understanding people as individuals.

I highly recommend this reading material.…/generational-differences-workp…/

Ron Masumoto
Regional Director
GLC Business Services