There are many skills leaders need to develop to effectively lead their people.  This article touches on 5 that the author claims to be the most important.  Whether or not you agree with her you cannot dispute the fact that they are in fact some of the most important.  The author lists curiosity, the ability to constantly learn, valuing your staff, willingness to empower and having a practical perspective.  Curiosity and learning to me are related.  If you have a curious mind and are always seeking answers you have the desire to learn but that doesn’t mean you have the ability to learn.  Many people what to learn however they do not want to take the time to use the tools or resources available to them to effectively learn a new skill or a new way to accomplish your goal.  First, understanding yourself, how you best learn what your strengths and weaknesses are will go a long way to identifying the correct medium you can use to learn what is needed to succeed in a given situation or for a given project.  Valuing your staff and empowering them will in the short and long term strengthen your organization and create an environment where success is cultivated to its highest level.  Having a practical perspective is paramount to success as well.  Have a plan and one that is realistic.  We have always heard we need to set goals that can realistically be achieved but sometimes the ultimate goal may seem unrealistic and not practical but the way we get there is laden with practical steps.  When we use a deliberate approach that is well thought out (planned) we are able to make more informed decisions.  These 5 skills may not be your top 5 but they most certainly are in my top 10.