There’s a statement that you might hear across the GLC team, whether they’re working on or off-site: “We love what we do.”

In the age of quiet quitting and shifting expectations for employee engagement, we’ve retained that message. But what does that mean for us as a company on the whole? We boast high employee retention rates, but there are many contributing factors that earn those statistics. 

There is a toxic notion that loving your work means sacrificing time with loved ones for the sake of the company or volunteering time as a statement of loyalty.  Loving what we do stems from many things that make up the GLC team, which we hope all contribute to a healthy work environment and better service for our clients. 

To start, we have a deep understanding of employee needs as well as client needs, and how those can be met in tandem with one another. Knowing the diversity of our staff’s talents helps us meet the wide variety of client demands. Through getting to know our employees, their work history, and their goals we’re able to offer them opportunities to suit their needs as well as our own. As a family-owned business, we also offer increasingly rare opportunities for upward mobility from an entry-level position. Many members of our company leadership team have been with GLC for decades, working their way up from one success to another. 

We also know that it is important to have a clear training and onboarding period for each new member of our staff. Since many of our employees work within client offices all over the country we understand that their knowledge of expectations, how, and why things are done a certain way is crucial. Efficiency is critical. Having a secure knowledge of standards and requirements allows individuals to work with less anxiety and waste. To keep things running smoothly we avoid forcing local teams to clear all operations through our corporate office. As a result, our regional directors are able to make high-level decisions to minimize red tape that would otherwise slow operations. 

In aiming to show our employees that their work is valued, we’re in turn able to offer clients quality services and quality results. We place individuals to fit the company culture where they will be working. Daily operations run smoothly and are well maintained, while others are tasked with the foresight to stay aware of the latest capabilities, technologies, and industry expectations. As a result, we can continue to meet changing expectations seamlessly. From entry-level to leadership positions, employees know their goals. They know that all work is valued and diligence is rewarded. 

Growing steadily over thirty years has also given our longest-reigning staff members time to get to know the faces that make up our company. Our teams run lean, and knowing the individuals behind the operations reminds us that while it is nice to be part of a good company, it’s also nice to be in the company of good colleagues. 

So, why do we love what we do? Because it’s rewarding, secure, and challenging all at the same time. It’s easy to enjoy a vacation, but it is satisfying to do meaningful work in a place that recognizes you.