Leadership has traditionally been non-collaborative.  How many times have you heard in your career “it’s their way or the highway”?  In the past employees’ opinions were not considered important.  Leadership may have played at listening to their employees but at the end of the day the prevailing opinion has been that leadership knows better than the rank and file. 


Employee’s today is looking for leaders with soft skills.  This article talks about 5 of the most important.  Listening, Self-Compassion, Empathy, Vulnerability and finally Honesty.  These are all behaviors that can be practiced and attained even when you were not predisposed toward them.  It certainly makes is easier if you are predisposed to listening, being empathetic, vulnerable, honest and self-compassionate but if you really want to attain these attributes you can.  The days of ruling over your employees is coming to an end in the 21st century.  Time for the folks whose leadership style is stuck in the 50’s to come to the future of Leadership.



Mark Starnes, MBA
GLC Regional Director