Compare Information Governance vs. Records Management

Information governance focuses on the framework a business must follow for managing information, while records management focuses on the lifecycle of digital and physical records.

I am applying this quote to Information Governance and what I have found in talking with some Law Firms across the country.  Some Firms have a real grasp of what Information Governance is and others believe they do but where the problem arises is in what they do not know. 

Some believe that Information Governance is only an Information Technologies issue but what we need to be extremely aware of is that it is a firmwide concern and one that Records Departments should be involved in daily.  The challenge to maintain proper governance amid rampant data growth, new regulatory requirements and stringent legal requirements for housing data is critical to every Law Firms present and future. 

To have an effective Information Governance program you need to have both your IT and Records Departments involved and working in partnership to ensure your digital records are all accounted for, indexed correctly and easily accessed by the Attorney’s or Paralegals who need the documents for their cases. 

GLC Business Services has been working in Records Management – Information Governance for over 27 years with a diverse list of Law Firms across the United States.  We have the subject matter experts and technology contacts to help you find the best solution for both your physical and digital records.  We have helped firms turn their physicals documents into secure and easily accessible secure digital documents.  Reducing the physical footprint, reducing costs, and creating efficiency.  Let us help you get your Records / Information Governance documents   

GLC Regional Director