—Truly great marketing today comes from groups of people working together, helping each other out, sharing ideas and just talking. Unfortunately, we don’t do much of that anymore, says JED SCHNEIDERMAN. Next time someone calls to introduce themselves, say ‘Great to meet you. How can I help?’ Only good things can happen—
  • Help people find work
  • Create a networking opportunity
  • Focus on deep help over shallow
  • Care more about competence and less about status
  • Build Trust
Depth, Competence & Trust... hard to argue teams do not need more people with these qualities. They are key components of a virtuous character, and what many see as heroic.  The author mentions needing less "ninjas and rock-stars,"  but it's clear he would prefer a re-focusing on the qualities we value in those we elevate, and recognize.  The foundation of great teamwork is needed in environments that seek to produce items that are truly greater than the sum of their parts.  
"When you step away from yourself, and do something that matters for someone, simply because it matters for someone; good will come from it."*
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Tom Moore
GLC Regional Director