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The article from App Institutes title is “How to be a Good Manager”. It covers some of my favorite topics regarding managing people; Training, organizing your team, Project Management Software, Effective Communication and finally Leading / Motivating your staff. The statistics are staggering.

We need to regularly revise our onboarding and training for new employees. Having a structure and consistent training program is essential in the first year and beyond.

This article can help you identify what type of learners you have on your team and gives you ideas on how to motivate, lead and communicate with them. The best investment any organization can make is in their employee base.

This goes directly to each organization’s bottom line, boosts productivity and helps with attracting new talent. Here at GLC this is our mantra. We are looking for highly motivated, intelligent people who are ready to join an organization that does care about their growth.


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Mark Starnes, MBA
GLC Regional Director