GLC Business Services HR Director, Tim McKenna, the recipient of Compeer Rochester's 2019  ‘Rising Star Award.’  

Compeer Rochester is an organization headquartered in Rochester NY, and recognized internationally for the success of their mental wellness model.  The model, and their example of its implementation, have demonstrated solid results, and been replicated around the globe.

President of Compeer Rochester Dana Frame said: “the ‘Rising Star Award’ is given annually to a new Board Member who has exemplified participation, embraces our mission, and basically jumps right in- using their time and talent to support the agency.” 

Ms. Frame continued "One of Compeer’s challenges is the lack of a consistent HR professional in the offices . Tim identified our needs, and coached us through what we needed to do to update our practices and procedures.  Best part- he didn’t judge us, but was very supportive.  He also volunteered to help the Executive Committee as they moved forward with succession planning and a search for a new Executive Director." 

In addition to the executive level support Tim provided as a Board Member, he also became involved on the program level. From his award citation: "Tim knew that we were lacking volunteers to help some of our male youth who didn’t have exposure to positive male role models.  So he stepped up, went through our volunteer process, and became the mentor for a youth in our program."

On hearing of Tim’s receipt of the ‘Rising Star Award’ GLC Business Services CEO, Mike Hayes commented: “Tim, has clearly brought the Compeer Board the depth of skill, positive attitude, and consistent great work that we see from him everyday. It is wonderful to see those talents benefit so many across our community.”

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