For every service that we offer, we take a white-glove approach. We understand that successful businesses need efficient, consistent practices that just make sense. That’s why, when you hire GLC to work in your office, you never just get the bare minimum. You get a dedicated staff that fits YOUR culture, and YOUR needs, and helps reach YOUR goals. 

Over the years we’ve added new services to help serve every area of your business. Recently, the proposition arose to take all the necessary services we could offer a business and apply it to not just create a thriving, sustainable work environment, but to take particular pride in the office as a Center of Excellence. 

The Center of Excellence is a distinct status that we offer to clients which pairs multiple of the services we’re known best for, document production, mailroom, and records management to name a few, with data that analyzes the specific needs of your business. 

Our management team developed the idea of a Center of Excellence only after having successfully set up outsourcing accounts in nearly every geographical market in the US. With GLC’s distinct experience we have developed a particular knowledge of all industries and the regional idiosyncrasies that come with them. We’re already prepared to navigate each environment and the customizations that each account needs. 

One of the marks of excellence is constant improvement, meaning that as GLC generates new or improved solutions, the most innovative ideas are immediately applied. Our dedicated management team is always there to provide support, make decisions, and prove to you that your business is our priority

Imagine knowing, with the support of gathered data, that your office was neither over, nor understaffed in any department and at any time. When we propose the number of people needed for a job we have the evidence to ensure that your needs are met at all times, even when people take unplanned leave. With our experts analyzing your needs, you’ll be sure that all incidentals are covered, all while minimizing risk and keeping your costs to a minimum. 

Business excellence means that everything from your clients’ first impressions, such as the reception service, to the way papers are managed, and even the way which your partners are seamlessly able to refer to old cases is done with minimal effort and maximum efficiency. We analyze everything affecting your business to make sure that equipment, software, and other technology are meeting your needs as well as the people operating them. 

By utilizing our management teams' experience and expertise you’ll see a clear difference in managing best practices while improving productivity. 

One of the things we stress is not just that we are able to provide these services because we have three decades worth of satisfied clients to prove it, but that by combining our experience with innovative analytics and data which is gathered for a particular purpose of improving your business, you truly do get a custom experience designed for success. We use powerful technology to offer your business and your employees the best results. 

We’re confident in our leadership team’s ability to serve your business’s specialized needs. Send us a note and hear more about how our experience will serve your unique needs.