It is said that most parts of communication are nonverbal. Just imagine all the things that can be communicated in a first impression before anything is spoken. 

As professionals, we take great care to make a good impression on others, usually with nonverbal skills. You might iron a wrinkly shirt, touch-up makeup, work on a straight-backed posture, or practice a firm handshake. All of these things contribute to a confident, knowledgeable persona that we wish to convey as we move throughout the day. 

Individuals are usually trained early on how to care for themselves to make a positive impression. If not at home, these are skills that might be acquired throughout your education or in the workplace. However, as people establish their own firms and business the question of how the business itself makes its first impression becomes a point of concern. 

You can’t teach a business to shower or how to offer a handshake. Impressions of a business are more subtle and often harder to change later on. So, how do you ensure that your business environment in conveying your preferred messages to clients, employees, and other professionals who engage with your place of work? 

We pride ourselves on cultivating a professional environment that invites employees and clients to a well-managed, organized place that operates smoothly. 

Ask yourself what people’s first interactions with your business are. 

Are they making a phone call? - Who is interacting on that call?

Are they sending an email? - Is there a reliable, timely response? 

Do they come into the office? - Is it maintained, organized, and appropriately staffed? 

Are they looking for documents? - Do you know where they are and how to send them efficiently?

We are in the business of creating and maintaining smooth and efficient offices. In the decades since we started, we’ve seen some difficult situations. Businesses are complex entities. It takes a lot to ensure that they are functioning at peak performance. When those things come together in all areas of your business, the impression from inside and out is one of satisfaction. 

When everything from the reception, to the mailroom, and the records room is in sync it’s hard to deny a comforting sense of organization. Time and energy are saved by knowing how and where to find documents, or finding the best people to interact with third parties on behalf of the business. 

If you want a business to make a good first impression, you need to evaluate which systems are in place and how they do or do not serve the business. Chances are you are missing steps to impress your customers and clients. 

Our expertise supports businesses through processing and outsourcing so that no ball is dropped, no cost is wasted, and no opportunities are missed. We’re here for you from the first impression until long after a relationship has been established. This saves business owners and partners the effort of putting these practices in place and managing them into a seamless routine. Owners and managers can skip the hassle and simply consider it done. 

So, what are the first impressions your business leaves? What are the ideal outcomes you’d like your business to make? And how can we help you achieve those goals long after your business has been introduced? 

We’d love to help you answer these questions with minimal effort. 

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