CPRA Series: The Importance of Data Retention Schedules and Records Management Policies

Record retention and records management policies are key elements for a company’s data protection program. Numerous recently enacted, or amended, data protection laws adopt data retention or storage limitation principles to safeguard personal information. Companies that do not have clearly defined record retention practices should take notice. Companies with existing practices should review those practices to ensure they comply with applicable legislation and their information security program.


Referencing the recent spate of new data protection laws, the author calls on companies to review their records retention policies and practices and update them, if necessary, to bring them into compliance. The article is a reminder that compliance is not limited to the rules of the EU and California; it's important to consider the large number of state laws requiring the protection and secure disposition of private data.


John Brokaw, CRM, CIP
National Records Manager
GLC  Business Services