Patients and doctors are increasingly connecting online. Is your Doctor Out of the Office? Try an E-Visit. 

We all realize the cost of medical care gets more expensive each year. This cost to employers and employees also compounds in other ways. One such way is the cost of time and expense to go to see your doctor.  If you or a family member develops a heath issue then a responsible action is to seek medical treatment or diagnosis. 

As an employee this is costly as you either take time off without pay or utilize paid time off benefits. The time to see a doctor or wait for an urgent care appointment can consume many hours and lost time from work. Some healthcare providers are offering effective medical consultation alternative to office or clinic visits.

In an article I came across in US News the contributor, Elizabeth Gardner talks about some alternative health care providers are utilizing to connect patients and doctors utilizing the phone and internet. In the article many benefits are described. I found this to be most informative and recommend people review this information.