When it comes to our performance as a business, we usually let our clients do the talking. When it comes to the individual members of our team, we love any chance to brag about outstanding performance, dedication, and hard work.

We are proud of the work our team does every day. So, you can imagine how exciting it is for all of us when one of our own senior staff is recognized with an award in the greater community. 

Timothy McKenna is our own Director of Human Resources, and one of this year’s finalists for HR Executive of the Year from Rochester’s affiliate chapter of the National Human Resources Association. The NHRA’s own goal is to focus on advancing the individual career development, planning, and leadership of HR professionals. They had some incredible people up for the recognition this year, as well as rising stars who have been doing amazing work in their field.


As for Tim, he has been a key component in our company-wide decision to expand our services to HR Consulting and Support. He manages the GLC HR department with such a high level of talent and professionalism that we’re pleased to say it has positively impacted the function of our sales and marketing process as well. Tim has thoroughly enhanced the role of Human Resources for our entire business. We could not be more thrilled with the work that he has done, or the position he has put us in to continue growing and expanding our HR offerings in the future. 

We’d also like to offer congratulations to David Mandrycky, who was the official 2022 winner of HR Executive of the Year. He has been doing great work for his team. It’s good to know we have such strong leaders working in our headquarters city of Rochester, NY.

The NHRA managed to put on a great event to honor all the incredible people they had to recognize this year. As proud as we were to see Tim’s hard work described at the event, we’re also delighted to know that he has helped to further the mission of the NHRA. 

We know from experience how important the work of HR professionals is. We know that the detailed work of those in human resources often goes unnoticed. For this prestigious event, and for the people honored, we know how deserving each one is.