A New Kind Of Leader



Leadership during this Pandemic is if possible, is even more critical than ever.  As some organizations start to open the offices and either have staff return to the brick and mortar or continue with a remote work model it is critical that we lead effectively. 

Leading people for a few is more about that person in the position of authority who wants to ensure that every day their staff remember they are in charge.  Most of us I believe occupy the C-Suite, Manage, Supervise and/or work as part of a dynamic team understand that the focus should be on the team members that report to you or you work with. 

There are many articles, training modules and seminars that outline what makes an excellent leader.  What I have gleaned from the articles I have read, the training modules I have completed and the seminars that I have attended is that there are a set of attributes, skills if you will that are needed to be an excellent leader.  Most of these are common sense skills such as integrity, the ability to delegate, good communication skills both written and verbal, empathy, courage, respect for others, the ability to genuinely communicate gratitude and you must have excellent listening skills.  These are just a few of the skills needed to be a successful leader.

The LinkedIn article “A New Kind of Leader” by Kelly Swingler got my attention and I enjoyed the message that successful leaders put their people first and are willing to lead with courage by creating cultures where not only physical safety is important but psychological safety is as well.  Leaders who are passionate about their work and their associates, who will do the right thing and who exhibit integrity in all they do and empathy for their staff.  In the Business Process Outsourcing industry this is important. 

When your associates are engaged, trust their leadership, know they will be listened to, their leadership is passionate about their growth, safety, and well-being they provide “Above the Bar” customer service. 

At GLC Business Services we understand this.  We empower our associates; ensure they are recognized for their efforts and it translates into people who provide excellent customer service.  It is a great time to loop at Business Process Outsourcing and we are here to help you be more efficient and find ways to reduce your costs and physical footprint. 

Mark Starnes
GLC Regional Director