A Bold View on Office Space


Our Friends at Intivity (Formerly FM Office Products) shared the following link and commentary regarding office space and the effects we can expect post-COVID-19.  Enjoy!


The WSJ published this opinion piece on the current and future state of the commercial office environment. Over the last few years we have seen the square footage of work stations shrink, while open lounge and collaboration spaces have come in vogue. Most recently during the pandemic, most of the talk is of contraction, shedding of both space and furniture and allowing more workers to work from home.
If that conversation has been a recent strategic topic in your office, I highly recommend you read this article. The author uses data, and takes a very contrarian approach to that line of thinking. And if you happen to agree with the opinion he espousesI think we should be looking at today as an opportunity to capitalize when landlords have never been hungrier for tenants. 
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Tyler Hann

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