We’ve written before about the importance of thanking staff when the opportunity arises. Offering genuine gratitude for a job well done is vitally important to a thriving workplace.  

Expressing thanks is only one aspect of the compliment culture that we aim to build around all of our teams regardless of if they are working at our headquarters offices, remotely, or in our partners’ offices. 

For our company, compliment culture means recognizing genuine effort on the part of any employee. When possible, we try to publicly recognize their work. Because we work as a team, one person’s contribution affects everyone else. We want others to be able to see and appreciate when one of their teammates has gone above and beyond for the benefit of all of them, or when their consistency of performance has lightened the expected workload. 

Like any element of company culture, though, we never want compliments to feel forced or disingenuous. Navigating this, similar to living out a company mission statement, takes thoughtful consideration to put into effect. 

It’s easy for colleagues to put out petty words of praise, or to sound insincere in their affirmations. Both of these fail to accomplish the goal of having a compliment culture. Paying close attention to the attitude, output, and focus of each employee takes effort and produces real recognition that is meaningful to any individual. 

Compliment culture is so important to our process, that we’ve actually outlined it as a result of GLC’s teams working in client offices. 


As surely as our blueprint for success will reduce the costs and improve the quality of work in our client’s offices, a positive shift in culture will take place. It’s fundamental to how we operate and serve all of those we work with. 

With motivation in the workplace at a premium, we know that having the right people do work that directly contributes to the efficiency and organization of day-to-day business operations is essential. But then, our founders understood that when they started building GLC over thirty years ago. With a lot of experience to back us up, we bring that understanding to every task in every office.

This show of support to our people and yours may sound basic, but the outcome is to have employees working with improved attention and mindset. It also bears saying, there’s nothing more detrimental to efficiency than losing the basics. 

Having the right people doing the necessary tasks is what we’ve always been about. There’s never been a better time to recognize the importance of their work with a compliment culture. 


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