If you haven’t heard of Lean Six Sigma in practice, we’re sure you’ve tried implementing some practices that lead to a more efficient, streamlined business at some point. At its core, Lean Six Sigma is an essential framework for achieving operational excellence in the realm of business. In today's fast-paced and fiercely competitive markets, we know that organizations are constantly striving to enhance their processes, minimize waste, and maximize efficiency. Lean Six Sigma has proven to be a powerful methodology, providing a systematic approach to identify and eliminate inefficiencies, while pursuing quality improvement.

Lean Six Sigma combines two robust methodologies: Lean, which focuses on eliminating waste and non-value-added activities, and Six Sigma, which aims to reduce process variation and defects. Together, these approaches create a dynamic synergy, guiding businesses toward optimal performance and satisfaction.

In the past several years, Lean Six Sigma has played an increasing role in how we optimize results for our own clients. In the past year alone we’ve rolled out specific trainings for interested employees to begin certifications toward Lean Six Sigma. We like to support business decisions for ourselves, and for our clients with powerful data, and the results for efficiency cannot be ignored. 

With all the tenets that make up Lean Six Sigma, it boils down to five principles that provide a structured and systematic approach to problem-solving and ongoing improvements within the business. 

Define: outline the problem by understanding customer requirements, setting measurable goals, and establishing a project scope. 

Measure: source reliable data to measure performance. Identify which metrics you will need to reach your benchmarks.

Analyze: through careful analysis, organizations can gain a deep understanding of the factors contributing to waste. 

Improve: with all that you have assessed, come up with an action plan to improve. 

Control: focus on controls that lead to the sustainability of the improvements that were made. 

When our business operates at its peak performance we see a consistency of positive results, efficiency, and productivity. When we do the same for our clients we can assure a minimization of risk and cost as well. Lean Six Sigma is one of the tools that help us deliver those excellent results. 

By empowering businesses to utilize this data-driven, yet customer-focused mindset we’ve been able to help achieve outstanding results. Our processes, when implemented well, save time, frustration, and energy. 

After many years of leveraging our people in a variety of businesses around the country, we know that it all comes down to having the right people leading the way and taking your own interests into account. Applying actions, data, and measurable goals toward that end has always been a positive resource for us.

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