GLC Becomes Business Partner of ALANYC

Here at GLC, our goal is to add value to firms as well as strengthen relationships. We recently became a business partner of ALANYC and we are very much excited for this new venture.

“Relationships with ALA members have strengthened our definition of effective legal support," says GLC CEO Mike Hayes. "Understanding the issues that legal professionals face improves our ability to enhance their productivity with an exceptional service experience.” 

Stephanie Ransom, the new chair of the business partners relations team, states that she's extremely excited for the 2018-2019 planning year as ALANYC has some exciting events for its business partners and members alike.

"As members of the ALANYC, we truly value our relationship with all of our business partners," says Stephanie. "As such, we constantly look for innovative ways to have a more inclusive and rewarding partnership for all.

We are thrilled about our new partnership with GLC. Your services are in alignment with law firm needs and are great for the legal community.  You will immediately see the value as many use our organization to seek trusted recommendations and referrals."