Letter to a GLC Employee - By Ron Masumoto


Gerardo (Gerry) Mojica is celebrating his one year anniversary with GLC Business Services this month. He has been serving our customer at [Client Name Omitted] in Los Angeles. Gerry is a valued member of a three person team providing support in office services and records management. Gerry is quick to say that working at GLC is the best job he has ever had. 

Gerry came to GLC with 10 years of experience in food preparation working as a steward, server and food service worker. In office services he was an office associate at a consulting firm. Through this he learned the importance of high standards of hygiene, quality, customer care and hard work. Gerry’s success thus far can be attributed to these competencies.

The important story to tell about Gerry is he interviewed with GLC hopeful to secure a full time position in office services. Unfortunately, the only position available at the time was an on-call district associate. This meant that Gerry would only work on assignments at our accounts to backfill for our employee’s vacations and absences.  Gerry was impressed with what he learned about GLC Business Services through the interview process and wanted a shot at a real job and a good employer.

HARD WORK: Gerry accepted the district associate position knowing he could work day shift for GLC as needed and work his other job at night working two jobs.

HYGIENE and CUSTOMER CARE: Gerry was quick to master the hospitality and office services routine. Customers would comment that it was apparent where Gerry was working because supplies were neatly arranged, work areas were tidy and kitchen areas sparkled with cleanliness. Gerry always has a smile and hello for everyone.

QUALITY:  Gerry is proud of the image he exhibits and the quality of his product he provides daily. It is through his early months with GLC that he gained the confidence and trust of his team and the customer.  He is eager for more responsibility and complex work.  Gerry was ready for the next step and opportunity. This came to him as an offer of a full time position working in the records department under the tutelage and training with GLC Supervisor Areial Russell. 

Today, one year into the job, Gerry is indeed a valued and important team member. He is very competent in office services and records. He has taken his training from Areial Russell very seriously. This is exhibited as he is the second in command to his supervisor. He also serves as a back up to his supervisor. 

It’s good to see where hard work is rewarded with success.

Congratulations, Gerry!

-Ron Masumoto

GLC LA Area Manager