Above and Beyond in a Document Tsunami - GLC Client Letter to Employees

The last month, but in particular the last week have been extremely hectic and stressful in our group and I can’t thank the three of you enough for all of your hard work and perseverance.  

Yajaira and Ruby, the number of documents you have served over the last week, scanning and saving them in FileSite, printing copies for our files, etc., have been in the hundreds. The attorneys are thrilled when they receive your emails indicating what was served and when.  These tasks have a huge impact on our attorneys in their ability to protect our client’s interests so please understand the impact you are having when performing these tasks – it’s real.     

Frank, you have had a tsunami of documents coming at you the last four months and working in conjunction with Yajaira and Ruby, you have wrapped these up and I am so grateful for your efforts.  I am so grateful as well for you taking over my tasks with the closing project, while I have been bogged down in so many other things, which has allowed this vital part of our processes for our client to keep moving forward.  The client is thrilled we are getting these files closed and they are receiving the closing documents to close their own files. Shout out to Ruby and Yajaira for getting these closed files indexed and shipped offsite. 

All three of you have been taking on new tasks and responsibilities since the beginning of October and we can see as these process have become more streamlined, the positive impact your work is having on our group. Your communications between each other, due to overlap in your tasks, has improved tremendously, allowing for more efficiencies in our processes and procedures which directly affect our client.  

So, if I haven’t told you recently with everything that has been going on, let me say it now – thank you for all of your hard work and perseverance – I can’t tell you how grateful I am to be working with such a great team. 

-Robert, Paralegal at [Client Name Omitted]