A Flavor of GLC’s Expertise - By Mark Starnes

   Catering, Events & Hospitality  

Imagine planning, setting up and cleaning up 3,556 meetings/events a year.  Add to that an additional 215 last minute setups for a total of 3,771 meetings and events in 2017.  These setups accounted for more than 14,682 guests in 2017.  This guest count includes breakfast, lunch, dinner and after hours fermented drink setups but does not include beverage-only set ups.  

What do you need to accomplish this feat?  You need to have a network of caterers, restaurants, wineries, liquor stores and farmer’s market groceries stores like Central Market.  You should be adept at setting up a buffet line that makes sense and that follows a logical flow. For example, in order right to left; plates, salad, entrée/protein, vegetable, starch, silverware/plasticware, small dessert plates, dessert, beverage cups, ice, beverages, lemons, sweeteners and straws.

The event or meeting you are planning can be anywhere from 2 – 325.  Most of the events are inside and must include the appropriate décor that is aesthetically pleasing and appropriate for the event.  A couple of the events each year may be outside as well where you need to be aware of the time of year, environment and of course the type of event.  You need to have china, silverware and glassware for at least 150 people on hand and have the connections to reach out to vendors to rent additional china, silverware and glassware for events larger than 150.  You must keep your kitchen clean and it needs to pass inspection from the County Health Inspector each quarter.  You must ensure the food you serve is fully cooked, fresh and stays the right temperature according to food service guidelines at all times.  Oh, and don’t forget it needs to taste good too…  Out of breath yet?  

For a firm in Dallas, Texas, GLC provides these services and more with a staff of five. We have saved our client an average of $21,000 per year in expenses, and receive excellent marks in every Department of Health inspection.  

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