Cybersecurity: Q&A

We recently sat down with GLC cybersecurity expert Rich Baker who has been working with law firms and their cybersecurity measures for many years. 

Q: Why is cybersecurity so crucial for every firm now?

A: "Hackers are after everything a law firm stores digitally. Patent info, communication between clients and attorneys, employee personal identity, client and vendor personal data, data pertaining to insider deals, healthcare info, data pertaining to finances such as credit cards."

Q: Why do you think firms are hesitant to implement these programs?  

A: "Capital and operating budgets for cybersecurity on law firms is very minimal and not treating the ramifications of a data breach seriously."

Q: What kind of risk do you believe firms are putting themselves in if they don’t have better cybersecurity?

A: "Risk of losing their largest clients from a data breach due, the negative press and damaged reputation once the breach goes public, significant costs associated to remediation when a law firm is breached."

Q: Is there a particular example of a current/previous client and how you helped them?

A: "I have helped several legal clients by conducting a Comprehensive Risk Assessment, remediating all areas of risks/gaps, implementing best practices for security such as encryption on data and hardware, creating policies and procedures and incident response plans and helping manage infrastructure for proper patch and security management."

Q: Why should firms work with GLC for cybersecurity?

A: "To ensure security and compliance for not only their law firm but clients as well. GLC has the ability to scale up scale down depending on the size of the law firm and where their demographics are. GLC can step in and be a partner to any firm in the country."

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