Q&A with VP of Operations John Solomon

John Solomon has been working with records for almost his entire career, just recently celebrating his 15th year with GLC. He started as a records manager which led to Long Island’s area manager to director of operations to his current position as VP of regional operations. John’s areas of expertise include the conversion of manual filing systems to digital files, records management hardware and software systems, and onsite and offsite storage systems. He currently uses his operations expertise to conduct the process reviews, provide sales support and improve site efficiency. His strategic mindset and years of experience in the industry have made him an essential member of the GLC team. 

Q: What makes you unique in the records industry?

    A: I know not just the electronic system, but how to incorporate a manual system, and convert if needed. I have a full understanding of the workflow of records, how it fits within a firm- whether electronic or physical. This really helps me know how to manage it within a firm and find the right fit.  

Q: What are a few of the reasons you love working for GLC? 

    A: There are great site managers - everyone is accountable/responsible and wears it on their sleeve that they will go get the job done. I really appreciate that, it’s something we preach, brand, and hold ourselves accountable for, and we really set the bar high. I love that we give people the opportunity to tell their story and incorporate their needs- we are not just one entity but we are a multifaceted company. 

Q: In what ways has working with GLC advanced your career? 

    A: GLC has given me the opportunity to see different sides of the organization as opposed to just records- I get to see different sides of client relationships, hospitality, management, etc. One of the benefits of working for a company like GLC is that we become a partner not just a vendor- even if what we do is not benefitting us at the time financially, we still benefit from pointing the client in the right direction. 

Q: What would you say to someone who’s afraid of having their employees absorbed by GLC? 

    A: If they stay within the firm there is a ceiling that gets capped pretty quickly. Unless they’re going to become a partner there’s not many opportunities for growth. Working within GLC there’s always some type of mobility- if that’s what you choose. You are continually moving, and can move laterally, as well as be promoted. We create opportunity for our employees based on their needs and goals. 

Q: Where do you see yourself and the company going within the next 5-10 years?

    A:  I’ll be looking at the different opportunities along with establishing new GLC locations - it’s a lot of pressure but expands our network. I’m looking forward to spreading the word on the new consulting group as well, and seeing that grow over the next few years.