The Faces of GLC: Eda Alpaydin

There are many stories that go untold. Every person we pass on the street has experienced hardships. Each of them has overcome adversity and persevered to get to where they are today. 

Eda Alpaydin's untold story is one of courage and determination. 

Originally from Turkey, Eda has been living in Rochester, NY for 34 years now. Even though she is married, her husband currently lives in Turkey and she has been raising three children on her own until he is accepted into the United States.

“Even though we are living in different countries, I can always count on him for anything,” Eda says. “I know he will always be there for me and my children, if not physically, mentally.”

This however, doesn’t mean that raising three children on her own is easy.

During the week, Eda’s daily routine consists of waking everyone up, taking care of their needs, taking her daughter to school, dropping off the little one at the babysitter and getting to work by 8:30 a.m. After work it’s almost identical to the morning.

“Because of some rough times I have had in the past, it made me a very strong person,” Eda said. “Being married but raising three children alone is a tough challenge.”

Before Eda settled in the US for good, she lived in Turkey for about three years after her parents retired and she met her husband. She eventually wanted to move back to the US.

It was hard looking for a job when Eda returned to the US.  After countless applications and interviews, she finally found the position of records manager with GLC.

“I look at each day as a new opportunity to be my very best,” Eda says. “I set high goals. I am very self-motivated, determined and honest, and I like working with people who share my passion for doing their best.” 

Eda has been with GLC for a year now. She genuinely loves her job, and is grateful to work with others who share similar passions.

“My experience and qualifications make me do my job only better, and in my opinion, my skills help me in my position,” Eda said. “This is the type of company I always wanted to work with and GLC has provided this opportunity for me.”