GLC at 25 - A Word from COO John Hayes

Recently, I have been reflecting on our company and the reasons why we have been successful these past twenty five years.  The answer appears obvious: you hire great people, you listen to your customers and you make sure GLC does its best to exceed their expectations. Seems like a pretty simple formula, but success lies in more than just the implementation of process.

To deliver exceptional customer service, another ingredient is necessary. We need to constantly stay in touch with our customers and employees and maintain meaningful relationships. Based on the trust we establish, we need to continually solicit feedback and respond accordingly always striving to improve. This is the secret sauce! This is GLC’s culture and it is also why we have prospered these past 25 years. This is why our future is very bright!

As we have grown, staying “in touch” has become more of a challenge.  We now have clients that stretch from Manchester, New Hampshire to Northern California, from New York to Los Angeles, from Washington DC to Denver and from Boston to Dallas. Fortunately, we are blessed to have an outstanding management team who understand GLC’s mission and culture. Our area managers, site managers and the corporate team have stayed close to our clients and employees.  They are GLC’s eyes and ears - ever vigilant, making sure we deliver exceptional customer service and continually improve.

As we celebrate 25 years in business, please know that Gerry and I are so very proud to be co-founders of this great company.  We are blessed that Mike & Drew are stepping up to take it to the next level of success and we are most thankful for all of you. We appreciate the hard work you do each and every day. Your awesome dedication to exceed client expectations is what makes us unique and successful.

Happy 25th birthday, all the best!!

- John Hayes