Hurricane Harvey: Stories of Survivors

“We’ve had hurricanes that have dumped on us before. Nothing could have prepared us for this.”

Jessica Cyrus, a records associate for GLC, was in the heart of Hurricane Harvey when it hit last week. She was lucky to not have any damages done to her house and belongings, but the damage was catastrophic in the neighborhood next to hers and every other neighborhood surrounding the community. 

“It was so scary,” Jessica said. “You think to yourself ‘Is this really happening?’ and ‘Am I too prepared or not prepared enough?’”

Every 10 minutes, Jessica and her family would get warnings whether it was a flood warning or tornado warning. Even just going to the store was a huge ordeal before and after the storm. Lines for both gas and grocery stores went all the way out to the street, and could take over an hour to simply check out.

“It’s like you don’t know whether your family is going to survive the night,” Jessica said. “You’re literally risking your life just going to the grocery store.”

Children were asleep stranded on countertops. Families were on their roofs for hours with no way of contacting others. Social media became the main source of communication to alert others if they were in need of urgent help. 

“You take for granted just walking outside down the street and going to store,” Jessica said.

Valerie Bryant, an office support associate for GLC, had to rush her husband to get medical attention during the hurricane due to a serious illness. They were lucky enough to have a volunteer with a boat who stopped by and drove them to dry ground. They had to leave their home for five days. 

“The idea of not knowing how your home is, how your car is - not knowing if your house is flooded and destroyed, that is the hardest part,” Valerie said. “You can’t sleep.” 

After five days of non-stop rain, recovery finally began. On Valerie’s first day back to work, it took her over three hours to get home comparable to the usual one hour because almost every street was blocked off and the highways were still flooded.  

“I feel kind of melancholy, because you still see the devastation,” Valerie said. “Some people lost everything, and it takes a toll on you mentally."

Houston’s recovery after Hurricane Harvey has only just begun, but as Jessica put it: “Even during the darkest times, kindness shows through.”  

GLC Business Services has started a GoFundMe page for all of our Houston employees affected by the hurricane. Please help us help them - all donations are very much appreciated:

“I don’t think I could thank GLC enough for everything you’ve done,” Jessica said. “Mark has been calling, texting and emailing every day to see if all of us are doing okay. The way you guys have been there for us.. I am forever grateful.”

"The concern and kindness of Mark and GLC has made the transition back to normal life easier," Valerie said. "I am very thankful and grateful for everything."