The Faces of GLC: Luba Tkachuk

A bright, positive attitude. A passion for and keen understanding of law. These reasons and many more are what make Luba Tkachuk an essential part to the GLC team. 

In April 1999, Luba’s family moved from Ukraine to Evansville, Indiana in search of a better life with more opportunities. 

“[The] first year was especially challenging because we had to start learning English word by word, sentence by sentence, not letting a dictionary out of sight for every simple task like grocery shopping,” Luba says. “Even though I am the youngest in my family, learning a totally new language at 18-years-old is not a small task.”

Luba worked at various jobs living in Evansville. She earned a music degree, but a few years after graduating found herself working for a law firm which led to the discovery of a new passion. 

“Yes, I do have a music degree and it is a little strange to some that I loved to work in law,” Luba says, “But music I studied was for one purpose only: to bring great music skills to the church where I serve, playing piano and directing choirs. Working with secretaries and attorneys is a different level of satisfaction.”

Luba's mother eventually moved back to the US, and Luba moved to California with her to support her health. Luba faced many of the same challenges all over again, making new friends and finding a place and a job. After a long search, she found herself working for GLC at a multi-national law firm site. 

At first it was only a part-time backfill associate position, but Luba proved herself daily in the records department. Her knowledge and passion for law was immediately recognized by senior GLC staff. 

Every month she was learning something new, leading to her current position managing the court appearance calendar at three of the multi-national law firm California sites. She is also backfilling for absences in San Francisco and Sacramento offices. 

“GLC has led me right where I wanted to be- where I found home, where I found family!” Luba says. “I have been with GLC for 16 months, and [I have] mixed feelings: on one hand, it feels like I just started working last week (the time has flew by way too fast); on the other hand, it feels like I have always worked with them because it really is great working with GLC.”

During her free time, Luba enjoys playing and teaching the piano and traveling. She has already traveled to Spain, Italy, Singapore, France, Switzerland, Thailand, Canada, Poland and Germany. Luba also visits her family in Indiana and California as often as she can.