List-Making Made Productive

How is any company supposed to survive, let alone thrive, without training their new hires and developing their current employees? Perhaps the single most important take-away from this article is that checklists are “invaluable as a teaching tool for new recruits.” When one is scanning a to-do list, he or she is probably not thinking of it as a teaching tool. However, their brevity makes them perfect for the bones of a manual or another training tool.

These generators and tools compiled by Tim Baran will help you elevate your checklist to a (very productive) work of art:

Practical Law – Checklists, charts, tables, timelines and flowcharts that reflect current law and practice and help make sure you’ve covered all the bases.

PracticePro – Includes checklists for Giving of Independent Legal Advice and Commercial Transactions.

Checklists for Lawyers – This 2014 book from the ABA covers the process of creating checklists and includes sample checklists from current law practices, court websites, practice management websites, and other sources.

Practice Checklists Manual – This manual from the Law Society of British Columbia provides a list of documents to help lawyers manage their practices.

Tech Startup Lawyer – A series of posts that cover the issues and components of incorporation, financing, licensing, acquisition and other matters in a checklist format.

Contract Checklists – Checklists to see what should be in a contract, how they are organized, what terms they contain, which are standard, optional, and highly negotiated. Contains checklists for over two dozen types of agreements.

iWriteLegal – Free mobile app designed to help legal writers improve their writing skills with legal writing checklists and tips.

Doesn’t include an actual checklist, but worth reading, is Jennifer Murphy Romig’s The Legal Writer’s Checklist Manifesto.

Want to create your own? Check out this tutorial on how to create Master Checklists in Evernote to Be a More Productive Lawyer.

How do you use checklists in your work or at home to keep things flowing smoothly and ensure everything gets completed?

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