Paperless: The Real Deal

“Let’s just go paperless. We can free up all that space in the file room and quit paying so much for outside file storage.” Simple, right?

There's a huge push to go paperless. It's a constant conversation not only among law firms but among all companies. In Jim Calloway's article "'Paperless Office Doesn't Really Mean Paperless, It Does Mean New Processes and Procedures," he points out that creating more physical space should not be the focus of a paperless transition. 

Calloway states the real issues arise around implementation. Without solid procedures for transitioning to a more paperless office, thoroughly trained staff with the right expertise and appropriate technology, going paperless is impractical. This means developing a strategy, actively preparing for implementation and seeking out the right support are crucial in this transition.

Every firm is unique. Each implementation is custom according to what every firm needs and wants. GLC has extensive experience in helping firms in this transition. We continually research and review technology, regulations and a firm's resources. If there’s a way to enhance the firm's systems cost-effectiveness, accuracy and accessibility, we’ll find it. Learn more.

What's your experience with paperless initiatives at your firm?