Q&A with John Brokaw

    John Brokaw has been with GLC for over eight years. He started as an NYC area manager, and is currently the records manager for Wilson Elser, GLC’s largest records site. John manages a diverse staff, providing records management knowledge to the company's operations and sales teams. He manages the implementation of new systems and processes as well as designs and administers records retention disposition policies and processes for GLC clients. 

    Before working with GLC, John worked as an IT manager and a project manager for a variety of companies.  John managed major infrastructure and system initiatives, supervised technical support staff, prepared and managed the IT budget, and wrote proposals for and managed major projects. These included document management system customizations, network redundancies and security projects.

Q: What makes you unique in the records industry?

    A: I would say my IT background. Over the years I’ve worked on a variety of projects         with companies of all shapes and sizes. This experience has really added to my understanding of records systems and how to configure, adapt and operate them efficiently. 

Q: What are a few of the reasons you love working for GLC?

    A: I love the flexibility to work with a variety of clients and projects. I worked as an area manager before becoming a records manager. GLC gives me the freedom to organize systems and processes at various locations. I’m always able to rely on other GLC team members and their body of knowledge whenever I need assistance.

Q: In what ways has working with GLC advanced your career? 

    A: GLC pointed my career in a completely new direction. I had a long career on the         technical side, and then I was in project management which is how I met GLC. GLC recruited me and gave me this new career. It’s been a great direction and a very satisfying path. 

Q: What would you say to someone who’s afraid of having their employees absorbed by GLC?

    A:  When you work for GLC, you are part of a profit center rather than a cost center.  You’re part of the team providing the direct, tangible success of the company and it’s to management’s benefit to place high priority on your advancement, your education, and whatever they can do to improve your knowledge and your desire to continue working for the organization. 

Q: Where do you see yourself and the company going within the next 5-10 years?

    A: I look forward to more involvement on the consulting side- working on strategies for potential clients and being involved in bringing them in to the GLC family.