New Look and Exciting Changes - By Chairman Gerry Chambers

Twenty five years ago when John Hayes and I started GLC we had confidence we had an idea that could become a solid and exciting business. As our 25th anniversary approaches on October 1st we recognize the need to build upon the strategy that got us this far. The initial plan has been in the works over the past six years. John Hayes and I have wanted to continue to build GLC into not just an industry leader, but a company that will continue to thrive for years to come. In so doing, we brought Mike and Drew into the fold and began making structural changes to ensure the continuation of our company as a privately-held, family-owned business. 

Today we take another big step in the direction of succession and growth for GLC as part of that plan. Effective June 15th Mike Hayes will become CEO, and Drew Chambers will become President and Chief Marketing Officer. In their new roles they will be responsible for strategy and direction of the company, with continued input and support from JH and me. John Hayes will maintain his role as COO and I will continue is my role as Chairman of the Board. Both of us will continue to participate in business development as well as overseeing the transition of leadership of the company.

Please join John and me in congratulating Mike and Drew and please show them the support and commitment you’ve shown to John and me all these years. We’re fortunate to have had this support and it’s without question, been key to GLC’s success.

Mike and Drew will be speaking with you about other exciting changes that will be happening as it relates to operations, sales and GLC Law Firm Consulting with more to come in the next few weeks. I want to thank all of you in advance for helping with this transition, and I want everyone to know that it is because of all your hard work, dedication, and support of GLC that we have been able to build something that will last for generations to come, I’m very excited for the future!