Thoughts On The Future - By Gerard Chambers

One of the biggest challenges of leading a business is getting everyone on the same page. I’ve recently read about many Fortune 500 companies from the 60s that don’t exist today. They were amongst the largest companies in the world and today they’re gone.

As I read about why they don’t exist, in great measure it was because they didn’t adjust to the changing times and specific issues of their industry. This is understandable, as most people don’t like change, so it’s easier to stay the course than it is to adjust, modify and pivot.

Our industry has been very similar for the better part of the 38 years I’ve been involved. It was entirely paper driven on the outset, and while paper has diminished some over the years, it’s incredible to see how much work is still done in paper format. This, however, is changing more rapidly now than ever. As the younger generation of leaders takes a greater role in their companies, there is more call for technological solutions, new ideas and change.

We’ve been on board and maybe ahead of the curve with this since entering the records business in 1996. We’ve worked with all of our clients to help them move away from paper files and digitize more of their work. Each firm is different and moves down this path at different speeds. GLC has done an incredible job of demonstrating for each client that we can and will work within their culture to help facilitate these changes.

Consulting has been another GLC innovation that has helped existing clients and new prospects see GLC as more than just copy, mail, messenger, etc. By bringing in talented consultants like Mike Blanchard to discuss a broader role for GLC, we collectively benefit by providing more than our competition. This has been a positive additional way to differentiate our value.

This new venture is not without its challenges. Building this new division brings with it opportunities and hurdles. The senior management team continues to work to find the best balance of focus on the foundation that built this successful business while allocating our limited resources to areas that have potential for the future.

While looking at new services, we’re also looking at new vertical markets. Accounting firms are showing a heightened interest in our services. Our entry into insurance companies and corporations presents challenges but significant upside for growth. Our area managers are focusing on existing clients as lead generators as well as reaching out to their contacts now. This provides a broader base of prospecting then we’ve ever had. Competition is increasing, but if we continue to do the things we’ve done to date, I’m confident there is continued prosperity in our future.

Here’s to 2018.

Gerard Chambers


GLC Business Services