The Faces of GLC: Deborah Small - By Jose Lopez

In our industry, many of our customers make the uneasy decision to outsource in order to improve their respective businesses. However, for their employees this decision can bring about a lot of unnerving questions.

"What does this mean for me?"

"Will I still have a job? If so, will this new employer treat me right?"

The change can be one of the most frightening experiences an employee can encounter.

Such was the story for GLC employee Deborah Small. With over 40 years of experience in legal records management, she has a few great stories to tell. Debby, as she is called by her peers, had worked as the records supervisor at a large law firm for 27 years before they decided to outsource to a competitor.

“It was a difficult time for many of us," Debby says. "We didn’t know what to expect. We were told we would get an opportunity to interview with the new company, but it was more of a formality. They didn’t keep any of us”. After 27 years of service, Debby found herself unemployed. 

The process of finding a new job proved to be more difficult than expected. After six months of job searching, she decided to accept a position as a records clerk at another large firm. Debby was finally back in her comfort zone as part of a great firm. She was doing what she loved and providing excellent service to the individuals she supported.

She continued to put her best foot forward day in and day out for over four years. Then one day, her team was unexpectedly summoned to a conference room by the firm’s administration. She encountered some unfamiliar faces in suits, which gave away that something big was going to happen. The firm announced they had made the decision to outsource the records management services to GLC, and they would all get an opportunity to interview for a position.

She had heard this song before. All Debby could think of at this time was “Here we go again!” She excused herself from the room in order to step to the restroom and gather herself.

To her surprise, one of those unfamiliar faces in a suit ran after her and asked for a second of her time.

“This man stopped me, handed me his business card and said, ‘Hey, I would like to introduce myself. My name is John Hayes, and I just want you to know that you come HIGHLY recommended.' Surprised by the encounter, I said thank you and he headed back into the conference room. I look down at the card and it was then I realized, 'Oh wow! That was one of the owners!'” 

Debby eventually made her way back to the conference room where GLC co-owner Gerard Chambers and VP of Operations John Solomon were addressing the group.

"I was impressed by all the things they had to say regarding the improvement in structure they were looking to make for the firm," Debby says. "They clearly knew what they were talking about and it was refreshing because a true structure is what was missing.” 

After the announcement, everyone was settled from the news. Debby, like many of the employees, was asked to meet with GLC management one-on-one to discuss the opportunity of having her join our team.

“I met with Mr. Chambers and Mr. Solomon," Debby says. "They spoke on the role they envisioned for me, and the intricate part I would play. After going through such a difficult situation with the previous firm I worked for, it was refreshing to see that GLC kept their word and delivered on exactly what they promised."

Debby joined the GLC team in 2008 and has played a vital role in the success of our operation at the firm. She is celebrating her 10th anniversary with GLC in February. She is responsible for the training of new employees in our records processes and procedures as well as the records management system. Debby always carries a contagious “can do” attitude which is admired by both her peers and clients alike.