Case Study: Equitable Solutions for Future Expansion - By Tom Moore

As I’m sure is the case with many of our sites, the GLC sites here in New England are constantly on the lookout for opportunities to expand our footprint.  Recently, two such occasions have come about in the New England Area.

Reception Reorganization

The reception desk at one of our sites is currently staffed by two part-time employees. One will cover the morning shift while the other is scheduled in the afternoon. They will often adjust their shifts to cover each other’s vacations, PTO days and appointments. As you can imagine, when the summer months approach this can become increasingly difficult with the added amount of time-off requests for vacations. Until recently, these gaps were filled by legal administrative assistants, but this took them away from their regular daily duties and assignments. 

After meeting with my contact at the firm, it was decided that one member of the GLC team would be selected to provide reception coverage during the above-mentioned time periods.  Lynda, who also covers our hospitality and courier needs at the firm, was trained and quickly settled into the role.  Since the late spring, Lynda has been flawlessly covering the firm’s gaps in reception coverage as well as helping out with break coverage.  GLC’s contact at the firm is very happy with the solution that has been put in place and the staff at the site enjoys working with Lynda in this capacity as well.

In addition to Lynda’s fine work at reception it should also be noted that while she is assisting in that area, the other members of our team are stepping up to cover any of her duties that may need attention.  In short, it amounts to a great effort by the entire GLC team.  

Central Filing Fill-In

The Central Filing Department located at the same site is responsible for all in-house and off-site document storage for the firm.  Additionally, they are in the process of scanning many older files into their centrally located system in an effort to decrease the paper load in the firm.  In the midst of this process the Central Filing supervisor announced in late August that she would be leaving the firm. With a back-log of boxes to be scanned and the loss of a lead employee, they were now looking at an uphill battle. 

Once again I met with our contact at the firm as well as the director of central filing and a plan was put in place for a member of the GLC team to assist the Central Filing Department for two to three hours a day.  Since that time, our New England Area District Associate Mike has been doing a great job helping with the prepping and scanning of documents.  Mike came to us with some basic scanning experience, so after minimal training he has settled into the role extremely well and his help has been greatly appreciated by all involved.  

As with the reception coverage, all other members of the GLC team have pitched in and done a little extra to cover additional duties when needed.  Another true T-E-A-M effort. 


There are several key points to be observed in this process:

1. The client had several needs over a short period of time and GLC was able to not only to provide the vital resources, but was able to do so quickly and efficiently.

2. By providing help in the above-mentioned areas, GLC has allowed the firm to focus their resources in the proper work areas as administrative legal assistants no longer have to be pulled from their area to cover reception.  Also, temporary help was not needed by the central filing department which has helped decrease line items on their budget. 

3. The GLC team came together in a way that allowed this process to take place.  Without a team effort this would not have been a success.

4. Although there is no immediate financial gain in this process the potential reward of future expansion hangs in the balance.  The hope is that by showing our value we will be able to expand our footprint moving forward.  Where we have now shown our worth in these areas, if a member of the reception team or the central filing team was to leave the firm, we could now approach our contact and offer to take on that position on a permanent basis.

5. Through advanced planning, proper placement and solid teamwork, any goal can be reached.  

6. Opportunity is sometimes closer than you think.


Tom Moore

GLC Business Services

New England Area Manager