GLC Celebrates 25 Years - A Note from Chairman Gerard Chambers

As I write this note I'm traveling back from a wonderful celebration at [Client Name Omitted]. Jose and Pedro had set up an enjoyable party for GLC's 25th anniversary. Just about everyone in attendance had their GLC 25 year logo windbreakers on and we got some great pictures. 

It was heartwarming to have so many happy GLC'ers in attendance and the cake was really cool!
While at [Client Name Omitted], I got to spend time with Veronica Diaz and Sandra Alonzo. Both are nearly 15 year employees of GLC, and two bright shining stars of GLC. We laughed about how long ago we all started and shared fun stories of the enjoyment being part of GLC. It was a great experience for me and certainly a proud moment. 

It brought me all the way back to October 1, 1992. That very first day of GLC, I sat in a small room in my house that acted as an office until we made it into Christopher's room. It now acts as Scott's room when he's home from college. I still sit in the room regularly and think back to those early days. It was scary but at the same time quite exhilarating. I think of the early meetings John Hayes and I had in there with our ex-partner Jim Ryan. It's where the strategy was born and the foundation created that has lasted these nearly 10,000 days!

I'm am so glad we took Lori Gothard's advice and got all those windbreakers for each GLC employee. It's wonderful to think of over 300 people walking around wearing the jacket emblazoned with our 25 year logo. Each of you, please wear it proudly. It's because of you we're here today and it's the launching of the next 25+. 

Happy Anniversary All,

Gerard Chambers

Chairman of GLC Business Services