This sounds like a staffing company?

We get this one a lot. We're not the same as a staffing company for a couple of reasons. First, we maintain management, payroll, benefits, and everything else you can think of for our employees. They are all full-time employees and they report to us, despite being on-site at your account. Secondly, there is an accountability factor with GLC that you wouldn't get with a staffing company - in that every day we're working with you to earn your trust and business, and if something needs to be fixed we'll do so. If we can't, you have a 30 day out clause in your contract. We stand behind every account we work with and put ourselves on the line every day to add value.

We're a very familial firm, and we're not very comfortable with the idea of someone outside our team working on-site. How do you deal with that?

We'd be lying if we said we hadn't heard this one a few times. First off, it's great that you've built a strong culture and feeling of togetherness at your firm, that's a huge challenge for many, so kudos for clearing that hurdle! Secondly, our goal is never to supplant the culture of one of our clients. In fact, our goal is to work within that culture and augment the positives of that environment. We do that in several ways, but in many cases it starts with absorbing existing staff members that are solid performers. In so doing, we can build a career path for these individuals that may not exist at a law firm, accounting firm or other professional service organization.

Thirdly, we ask our clients during the transition period to build a committee of individuals that can help our team navigate and better understand your culture. This is an integral part of ensuring that day one of your relationship with GLC is as successful as possible.

What's the smallest site you have? What's the largest account?

In terms of people on site, we have many accounts with one GLC-er on-site. Our smallest client by client size is about 10 people. In terms of people on-site, our largest account has 40+ people on-site, and our largest client has over 2,000 employees across the globe. 

Because our solutions are tailored to our clients' specific needs, we can work with really any firm that has administrative overhead. Fill out a contact form and we'll see what we can do to add value for you!

What's your employee retention like?

We are proud of the fact that despite handling many entry-level positions, our turnover is below industry average. And additionally our senior management team has an average tenure of over 7 years with GLC and no turnover in the past 3 years. We're a privately held company and have been for our entire 25-year history and as a result answer to our clients and no one else.

All "outsourcing" firms are the same, what makes you guys different?

Believe it or not we hear this one a lot. It's an interesting industry where everyone gets lumped in the same bucket, which can be either a good or a bad thing (depending on your previous experience). We would say our differentiation is threefold:

1) We're one of the only firms that focuses on people and processes first and foremost, not technology. We leverage our partnerships to find the right technological solutions for our clients, but without the right people on-site all the technology in the world isn't going to save you.

2) We're proactive. One of the trends in our industry is for firms to sign a long-term deal, punch the clock, and then come renewal show up with a song and dance. Because of our 30 day out clause, we have to be on our game each day. Additionally, we have to think of ways to constantly add value, because even if we're doing a great job of completing tasks, if it starts to get routine we're adding diminishing value. Expect your account representative to bring ideas to the table to provide insights you weren't expecting.

3) We're cost effective. There is a big difference between just cutting costs and being cost effective. Many outsourcing firms lead with a cost savings, which is great in many cases, but in others can lead to problems on-site and a lack of real savings. Expect our team during analysis to show you how much you could potentially be saving and also what that looks like in terms of productivity and returns.

We care about our people. If your team is on-site, how do we know that you care about your team the same way?

We're constantly thinking about ways to improve our employees happiness, from training and career path management to things like pizza parties and Amazon gift cards. Additionally, we recognize our top site managers every year at the Gotta Love Champions event. View the video that we showed them last year below.